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29/05/2010 18:37

Performance bonds: securing the contractor’s performance

Performance bonds have long been used in the construction industry to protect building owners or developers (“employers”) from the consequences if the main contractor becomes insolvent, or (a much less frequent occurrence) if the contractor remains solvent but fails to carry out and complete...
27/07/2010 17:03

Summary of insurance provisions in the JCT Standard Building Contract

Summary of insurance provisions, v1.docx (40,3 kB)
29/05/2010 19:06

The builder from hell – and how to avoid him

An occasional (and not usually very remunerative) client of the contentious construction lawyer is the houseowner who is experiencing the builders from hell.  (About as frequent is the builder who finds himself at the wrong end of the client from hell, but let’s leave that for a future...
29/05/2010 15:18

The dangers to clients of using JCT forms of contract unamended

It is not always a good idea for clients to use JCT building contracts unamended. Non-contentious construction lawyers will be familiar with the necessary amendments, which in some cases differ depending on which form of contract is used. Site conditions JCT contracts say little or nothing about...
29/05/2010 22:57

When a contractor becomes insolvent

When a contractor becomes insolvent.docx (1,5 MB)

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