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30/05/2010 17:25

This part of the website contains articles on legal topics; and also some (I hope) useful aides-mémoire under the heading "Knowhow", which I hope gradually to expand.

Most of my articles are construction law-related, but I've also included some on non-construction law topics such as international law.  I'm certainly not an international lawyer, but I've tried to use my legal training to shed light on certain aspects of foreign affairs; admittedly some of these articles also reflect my own political views.

I have also included a "Personal" section, which contains (or will contain) some of my articles on topics which have little or nothing to do with law.

The "Legal Notices" page contains a comprehensive disclaimer of liability, which I'd like to reinforce here.  Some of my legal articles were written many years ago (one of them as far back as 1997).  I have updated them before putting them on this website, except those which have been published (by the Construction Law Journal and the Society of Construction Law).  However, I did not undertake a great deal of further legal research while updating them, so the updating may not be complete.  Moreover, I did not write them for the benefit of clients.  In any event, I do not advise you to rely on them for the purposes of your own legal affairs or those of your organisation or clients, and you do so entirely at your own risk.

To give a possibly over-flippant example, if you happen to read my article titled "Iraq and the mutiny of the generals", and conclude from it that the invasion of Iraq may have been lawful, you should not declare war on Iraq in reliance on the article.  Should you nonetheless decide to invade Iraq, and later find yourself a defendant on trial at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, I shall accept no responsibility or liability.  (If however you are killed or wounded in the course of your invasion, my attempt to reject liability may be less successful since it is not legally possible to disclaim liability for death or personal injury.)

Thank you for reading thus far.  I shall detain you on this page no longer, and I hope you enjoy and derive interest from my collection of articles.

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