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29/05/2010 23:11

Ian Duncan Wallace QC

Last week [this article is dated 25 October 2006] I received this email from the Society of Construction Law to its members:   Some of you may have seen the following entry in The Times on Tuesday 17th October.   It was thought that some members will have known Ian and perhaps also...
29/05/2010 18:42

Securing the construction project - legally

Developers are rightly concerned to protect the physical security of construction sites.  But prudent developers and investors will be equally attentive to the need for protecting the legal security of their projects.  This article briefly explores just a few of the available...
29/05/2010 15:50

Site unseen: some practical problems associated with ground conditions

Until the law of gravity is repealed, buildings will continue to rest on land, and the stability and utility of every proposed new building will continue to depend upon the condition of that land: its ability to support the structures to be erected on it, and the extent to which it may be polluted...
30/05/2010 18:56

Termination for breach of contract: and the parties’ claims when this happens

As a general principle, if one party breaks his contract this doesn’t entitle the other party to stop performing his obligations. Consistently with this principle, there is no general right at common law for a contractor to suspend work if payment is wrongly withheld. There are two main...
29/05/2010 15:17

The Consensus Principle

This article by David Lewis is based on the commended entry in the Hudson Prize Competition 2002, which is administered by the Society of Construction Law.  It was published in April 2003. The Consensus Principle.pdf (149,9 kB)

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